Empty album

  • Occultation

    Solar eclipse. Stockholm 2015.
  • Nacht und Träume

    I have written the last two lines from Franz Schubert’s lied Nacht und Träume (Night and Dreams) by hand with a graphite pen.  
    1. Kehre wieder, heil’ge Nacht! (Come back, holy night!)
    1. Holde Träume, kehret wieder! (Sweet dreams, come back!)
          Every mark has been photographed and then erased, the mark left on the paper after the erasing has also been photographed. The photographs all together create a composite of up to 1000 layers. This is a concealed conjuration wishing that the dreams should never come to an end. The lines also appear in a play by Beckett, called Nacht und Träume, where the actor hums the melody. 150x50 cm. (2015)
  • Does the Wind Have an Inside?

    I made a shelter-like construction out of storm-felled wood from the west coast of Sweden. The fact that storms that reach Sweden often attack from the west is an event that has been entered into the narrative of the work, as the wood has been brought to the exhibition from this side of the country. This metonym allows for Does the Wind Have an Inside? to reverse time, where that which is felled by the storm already forms a protection against the wind. (2014)
  • Occasion Memory Oblivion

    The installation is based on a memory technique described by the Greek philosopher Simonides (556-448 BC). To retain memories, Simonides suggested that you should create a mental construction similar to a house where you mentally place different objects that symbolize that which is worth remembering. My interpretation of Simonides's memory palace is a a simple wooden construction, suspended in the air and lit by a spotlight. The work can be said to reverse a suggested depiction process that runs from thought to materiality. (2014)
  • 365

    Three hundred (and) sixty-five transparent A4 sheets. (2014)
  • Transit Language

    I used the text of the Schengen Agreement, a text of a political and performative nature, and erased all words except for the transitive verbs. A transitive verb must lead to a direct object in the same sentence. Motion is thus not just something that appears in a physical sense, it is also part of our language. 100x140 cm (2014)
  • Untitled

    Illuminated photographs. 50x50 cm (2015)
  • 25 hours

    Installation with illuminated photo and 24 blank printing papers. During Daylight Savings the day is one hour longer. The illuminated photograph on the floor is exposed during the additional hour when the clock is withdrawn from 03:00 to 02:00 until it's 03:00 again. (2012)
  • Self-Critical Study

    Framed negative exposed during one hour on a wall in my studio + documentation image. 20x30 cm. (2011)
  • Water Dents